Angels of Mercy?

After Wall of Sound, before that last in-store at Good Records, blogs all over lit up with heated debates on the merits of Austin's the Black Angels. Some argued that the new quasi-psychedelic sounds of the five-piece are overrated (many cited the keyboardist's simplistic lines as the most irritating factor). Some felt the band signifies the dawn of a new era in brooding Texas rock. The numbers of consumers that have kept their copy of the band's full-length release, Passover, compared with those that have sold it back to various used CD stores are neck-and-neck to this day.

On Wednesday, the controversial Central Texans will hit the Gypsy Tea Room stage. We went out for a man-on-the-street to gauge the Dallas attitude toward its band of neighbors, but people on the three streets we went to had no idea who the Black Angels were, so we tried sidewalks, alleys and finally, a gas station near Waxahachie. Here's what we heard:

"I definitely think the Black Angels are divine. My aunt has these ceramic wall cherubs that are exquisite. You should see them. Do you want to come see them? Please come see them."


The Black Angels

The Black Angels perform Wednesday, October 11, at the Gypsy Tea Room.

"Yeah, right. Great band. I hear the keyboardist is undergoing surgery to have nine of her fingers removed, as they're getting in the way of her playing."

"Based on my experience, Black Angels are definitely more slimming than white angels."

"I hear they like to compare themselves to the Warlocks. But, uh, aren't the Warlocks, like, the worst indie band ever?"

"I really like the Black Angels. Course, I liked 'em better when they were called Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, wait, I mean, Jesus and Mary Chain, or maybe Velvet Underground. I dunno. I'm so confused. Help me?"

"I went to this Angels' rally once in Sturgis...It was pretty sweet, man, I won't lie."

Unfortunately, our findings were inconclusive concerning the Black Angels; however, we now have extensive information on Hell's Angels supporters and creepy people.


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