Animal Collective, Micachu & the Shapes

Last month, Stereogum ran a review of Animal Collective's new album, Centipede Hz, which conceded that "we need to accept the possibility of a record so excellent we don't understand it yet." Laughable when talking about any new album, but especially a group like Animal Collective, which has whipped critics into a lather across the board for a better part of the decade. The new album is not the earth-shattering sonic adventure Stereogum asserts, but it is always interesting to see how their electronic/psych pastiche will play out live. More interesting will be Micachu & the Shapes, the screwed and chopped project of British singer Mica Levi. 2009's excellent Jewellery is followed up by latest Never, on which she continues to deconstruct elements of hip-hop, pop and punk.


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