Arbouretum, David Karsten Daniels

Quite possibly the most warped double billing in recent memory, the pairing of Baltimore's Arbouretum and North Carolina native David Karsten Daniels is a wonderful twofer of uncompromising intensity. Rites of Uncovering, Arbouretum's sophomore effort is a literate, bluesy semi-masterpiece full of extended pieces that never overstay their welcome and an intuitive interplay between musicians that's downright clairvoyant.

David Karsten Daniels' Sharp Teeth is his second release of inner demons, an effort, that somehow manages to meld free improvisation with a folksy quality a la Nick Drake. Songs such as "Universe of No Parts" and "American Pastime" are richly orchestrated works of uncommon detail and vision. Like an Americana nightmare, both Daniels and Arbouretum dig at the darker side of roots music, unearthing some chilling and remarkable artifacts. This double bill is not for the faint of heart, but if that's your problem, the music this night could definitely scare you straight.


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