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    Kid Rock

    Kid Rock When, in the near future, we look back at the state of "alternative music" circa 1999, the big story will most likely be the emergence of (choose one, since all of these "genres" are equally unsatisfying): aggro, rap-rock, or asshole-rock...

    by Jim Derogatis on December 2, 1999
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    The grass is blue - Writing hits for the Dixie Chicks has given Jim Lauderdale his own wide open space

    We live in a time when country music is divided into two nations: the commercial dictatorship of Nashville, and the anarchic republic ineptly named alternative country, Americana, No Depression music -- anything but what it always was and still is, w...

    by Rob Patterson on November 25, 1999
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    Tripping, falling - Don Berggren remembers the way his son Wes lived... and died

    Wes Berggren and his older brother Andy didn't grow up with many rules and restrictions placed on them. Wes and Andy didn't really need that kind of discipline, and their parents didn't believe in it anyway. Don and Joan Berggren let their sons run a...

    by Zac Crain on November 25, 1999
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    Out There - Beastie Boys

    Beastie Boys The Sounds of Science (Grand Royal/Capitol) For 20 bucks, you can visit beastieboys.com and make your own best-and-rest-of: Pick 40 songs from the available 150 (loads of singles and imports, though not a single one from Lice...

    by Robert Wilonsky on November 25, 1999
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    Out Here - Sara Hickman

    Sara Hickman Newborn (Sleeveless) No doubt about it: Getting dropped from Elektra way back when was the best thing that ever happened to Sara Hickman. If ever anyone doubted that signing to a major label can corrupt even the most well-mea...

    by Robert Wilonsky on November 25, 1999
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    The Buzzcocks

    Late to the Buzzcocks camp, I was the fan who knew of the band's impact long before I ever heard "Orgasm Addict" and thus the fan who wonders why the band would bother to hijack its way back into '90s consciousness. The band's original sound is so pr...

    by Christina Rees on November 25, 1999
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    Bardo Pond

    This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. And this is your brain on Bardo Pond. The Philadelphia quintet is touring behind its fourth album, Set and Setting, which, like the band's name, comes from Timothy Leary's addled reworking of the Tibet...

    by Jim Derogatis on November 25, 1999
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    The Queers

    Joe King -- the frontman better known as Joe Queer -- has been at it for almost 20 years, and the only thing that's really changed in that time is the amount of beer he ingests each night (currently leveled off at, uh, none) and who he's playing with...

    by Zac Crain on November 25, 1999
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    Oh, Mann - Three years and one bad record deal later, Aimee Mann returns -- with two wonderful records

    If Aimee Mann had sold one album for each word written about her, she'd make Alanis Morissette look like the struggling indie artist she probably ought to be. Nobody gets more press for having done so apparently little: one hit a very long time ago (...

    by Robert Wilonsky on November 25, 1999
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    Board stiff - Juno's Arlie Carstens wants to rock, but he's just happy he can still walk

    Earlier this year, Arlie Carstens was enjoying the kind of life he always dreamed of having when he was growing up in Seattle, spending all of his time snowboarding and listening to Jawbox records. He had just finished recording his debut album with ...

    by Zac Crain on November 25, 1999
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    Out Here - Small-mouthed bassists

    Buddy Mohmed American Bedouin (Blue Cedars Records) Chicago-born, Dallas-based Buddy Mohmed is perhaps the finest jazz upright-bass player in Texas. He's also a formidable jazz guitarist -- particularly in his unique explorations of trad...

    by Josh Alan Friedman on November 18, 1999
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    Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals

    Ben Harper may look like a hipster jazzbo who just stepped out of a Gap khakis ad, but don't let appearances fool you: This guy is a stone-cold hippie, and the vast majority of his sizable and growing following hails from the Grateful Dead/H.O.R.D.E....

    by Jim Derogatis on November 18, 1999
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    Radney Foster

    Well, he's got a band with him this time, in a venue he's always haunted solo. Some fans may like that, and some may not, but anyone who caught Radney Foster with a full backing band last May at the Gypsy Tea Room can confirm that Foster with a suppo...

    by Christina Rees on November 18, 1999
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    The Supersuckers

    Of all the big, loud, stoopid rawk that's crawled out of the Northwest this decade, the Supersuckers can reasonably lay claim to the title of proudest Luddites. Until a few years ago, the Seattle (by way of Tucson) quartet gleefully spat up a series ...

    by Keven Mcalester on November 18, 1999
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    Hank's for the memories - Hank Williams III hopes that country gold comes in threes

    Shelton Williams was just another face in another crowd, an anonymous punk with safety pins in his clothes -- and occasionally, his skin -- playing in unknown bands with names like Buzzkill and worse. He was onstage from the time he was 15, yet rarel...

    by Zac Crain on November 18, 1999
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    Sister, I'm a poet - After two albums, Rainer Maria can make the time to take its time

    Rainer Maria completes about one new song a month. On the surface, this sounds a bit slow, especially considering that the Madison, Wisconsin, trio has relocated to rural Connecticut where their daily chores include feeding dogs, going to the library...

    by Shannon Sutlief on November 18, 1999
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    Having his cake - Archer Prewitt's solo career takes on a life of its own with White Sky

    Archer Prewitt is one of the hardest-working musicians in Chicago's fertile indie-rock scene. A few years ago, the guitarist-singer-songwriter-comic-book artist moved into the neighborhood with his lounge-jazz outfit, the Coctails, and now he lends h...

    by Aaron Steinberg on November 18, 1999
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    My Uzi weighs a ton - Uzigato is caught between rock and a soft place

    Most record labels are populated with frustrated musicians, people who didn't have the talent or the guts to stick it out over the long haul. Some just got tired of being screwed over by labels and decided to switch positions. Others never got furthe...

    by Zac Crain on November 18, 1999
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    Scene, heard

    Word is that Centro-matic will head back into the studio in the next few weeks to record songs for its fifth album -- a month or so before the band's fourth disc is even available. Disc No. 4, tentatively titled All the Falsest Hearts Can Try, is due...

    on November 18, 1999
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    Out There - The Artist

    The Artist Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic (Arista/NPG Records) The Artist Formerly Known releases more albums in a year than most artists do in a lifetime -- and, as he told MTV just last week, there's plenty more in the vaults where that came ...

    by Robert Wilonsky on November 18, 1999
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