Area Guitarist Gets Mentioned In Guitar Player Magazine

Dallas guitarist Chris Manning's music is mentioned in the December issue of Guitar Player magazine. The mention comes in a section called "The Editor's Big Eight", where the mag's editor picks a song he's been digging from eight different artists and writes about them.

About Manning's instrumental song "Journey to Tomorrow", editor Michael Molenda writes:

"This is a beautifully wistful song, built upon a bed of undulating acoustics. Manning exhibits great restraint-and good musical judgement-by limiting the guitar riffs, and letting a haunting piano carry the melody. Sadly, he breaks the spell around 3:00 with a somewhat off-kilter, jazzy interlude. First thought, best thought?"

Manning seems pleased about it: "It was an honor to be selected," he writes in an email exchange from this morning.

Fair enough. My take on the song? Hmmm... well... um... y'know... OK, how about this: It's pretty much exactly the type of song you'd expect to be in Guitar Player magazine. I think you get where I'm going with this, yeah? If not, hear it for yourself on Manning's Myspace page. --Pete Freedman


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