Art Conspiracy's RZN8 Pits Art Against Music

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It takes money to make money, and so it also takes money to raise money. Saturday night, Art Conspiracy continued its trajectory with a seed event to prepare for their fall shindig, and moving from Sons of Herman Hall to Life in Deep Ellum gave the art being auctioned off an improved home within their pseudo-gallery space.

Kicking off the night, Kirby Brown's sweet mix of folky tunes and storytelling set the mood early. As arriving patrons played with the speakers incorporated into each art piece, Brown noticed he was having to compete with the art. "In this round of art vs. art, who will win?" he joked to the crowd. Spook Easy's jangly pop impressed and Home by Hovercraft won over the crowd with their filmic melodies. Datahowler's separate performance space made for a pleasing multimedia escape, as his composed beats and light projections drew people in between auctions.

Datahowler's cubism
Datahowler's cubism
Maegan Puetz

The auctions are the main event at the Art Conspiracy nights, but these music additions, and Black Swan Saloon's signature cocktails, are essential components. Just before the first live auction, we were introduced to Art Con 8's beneficiaries: W.T. White High School's ceramics program and Girls Rock Dallas.

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Guests had already been circling favorites amongst the donated work, like Daniel Kusner's "Jackie O," and Kevin Obregon's "Mus(i)ca Domestica" sold for $900. Michael McPheeters' "Teen Angst" topped $400, but was worth more and I may lobby for a print version. Uh, can I have a print version? For charity?

Things are just getting started for this year's gang of conspirators. Don't miss the official Art Conspiracy on November 10, and save some cash too. Those girls need your help to rock, and you need something cool to hang on your wall.

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