In addition
    to college, 
    Roth loves Oriental rugs.
In addition to college, Roth loves Oriental rugs.
Hannibal Matthew

Asher Roth Talks Award Shows in Honor Of Our Very Own DOMAs

Following Asher Roth on Twitter is arguably the easiest way to sneak a voyeuristic peek into what it's like to be hottest national act that Dallas' urban radio stations won't play. The national media loves him, though—and so do his 88,000-plus followers on Twitter—yet Dallas' urban airwaves have yet to see beyond, well, Drake.

Not holding grudges, though, Roth, the latest white rapping sensation, has plans to make a stop here and formally introduce himself. His tour, known as "The Great Hangover," is gunning though 19 cities between July 14 and August 5, with Roth's Motown/Universal labelmate Kid Cudi in tow.

"The tour is all about having fun," he says. Of course it is. This is the guy whose debut single was an ode to boozy collegiate revelry. Why wouldn't it be?


Asher Roth and Kid Cudi perform on Wednesday, July 29, at the House of Blues.

Well, there's the other side of this tour's coin: Kid Cudi. Cudi's "Day 'n' Night" single is impossible to escape in the club scene these days. Even if you didn't know who sang it, you've probably heard about the "lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night." Consider it a different type of party, maybe.

Speaking of parties: In honor of the Dallas Observer Music Awards season wrapping up, we asked Roth, who was speaking over the phone in the midst of a lightning storm in Mariaville, New York, what this year's DOMA ceremony would be like if he were running the show—if it were the Asher Awards, if you will.

First of all, Roth says, if an artist hadn't worked with him before, well, they probably wouldn't get an award. It is the Asher Awards, after all. He shouts out Keri Hilson, saying she'd win an award for Best Female Vocalist, thanks to her Roth duet "She Don't Wanna Man" on his debut release, Asleep in the Bread Aisle. And he says he and Busta Rhymes would win an award for Best Collaboration (if there were such an award) for "Lion's Roar," also from Asleep in the Bread Aisle.

Other non-surprises: Roth would win for Best Video (again, if such an award existed). Oh, and Best Solo Act too.

As always, though, Roth emphasizes that he's just having a little fun. And despite a perception of aloofness, he recognizes that some award ceremonies aren't so bad.

"It kind of depends," he says. "Sometimes, you just have to roll with tradition and everything like that, and it's always fun to award good work, you know what I mean? You should always give a pat on the back."

When it comes to the real deal, though? He says he plans to keep things simple. For instance, he says, his mom will be his date to the MTV Video Music Awards. And if it's in the cards for him to snag a Grammy or two, his acceptance speech would be a humble, "Thank you."

It seems a little unimaginative from such a legitimately tight lyricist. But being good with words isn't always necessary.

Says Roth: "That's all you've gotta say, you know what I mean? Everyone who knows what they should be thanked for will understand that statement."


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