Although the cover lists only the band's name, this debut effort from local reggae/rock/hip-hop outfit Automorrow is referred to in promotional materials as The Diver EP. Whatever the band chooses to call its product, the five songs contained on this intriguing debut point to a band worth watching.

On four of the five cuts, Ben Napler, Michael Dufault and Adam Reeves bandy about a variety of influences, some quite novel (Magazine), others rather inane (Van Halen), all in the quest of a truly unique sound. The trio scores high marks on the originality scale, but, ironically, it's only with "Overboard," the least inventive song on the EP, where Automorrow finds success at the emotional level; the song is a nasty, catchy and thrilling stab of hardcore punk, three minutes and three chords of unabashed hatred and aggression. "If I died tonight, would you miss me?/and would that coincide with your TV guide?" shouts Napler as his mates pound away like a Minor Threat cover band.

It's a great moment of perfect simplicity hidden amongst songs with more chord and tempo changes than should ever be allowed on a rock record. Impressive, engaging and a bit overwhelming, Automorrow's debut shows a band that may find its true heart and soul in the simple sensation of spite.


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