If this were a perfect world, VH1's Behind the Music series would cover worthwhile bands all the time. Since VH1 doesn't cater to my tastes, however, I have to seek out books for underground music stories. I don't get the lulling voiceover commentary or video footage of concerts while learning about the Replacements, the Dead Boys or Sonic Youth, but I do find myself much more enthralled by the efforts of DIY bands than by the lip-synching antics of Milli Vanilli. It's a tradeoff.

Anyway, while reading these stories, I started thinking about local bands of old that deserve to be immortalized in a book. The Butthole Surfers already received this treatment in Our Band Could Be Your Life, for example. But such fallen groups as Brutal Juice and the Toadies haven't yet been given their due, and I suppose even Pantera would make an interesting hometown story not suitable for VH1. As I mentally cataloged Dallas rock "legends," though, I couldn't help but consider Baboon at the top of that list. These lords of Dallas hardcore have been kicking around for more than a decade, and their story includes a cameo on the show Walker, Texas Ranger, an odd stint on the Creed-loving label Wind-Up Records and a ton of explosive, unconventional concerts along the way.

Of course, Baboon is most certainly not a "fallen group," unless someone has stolen the band's name and landed a gig Friday at Fort Worth's Wreck Room. In fact, their legend looks only to grow, thanks not only to their most accomplished release yet, Something Good Is Going to Happen to You, but also to the addition of former LCC member James Henderson on guitars and keys. I'm sure I'll look back fondly on Baboon concerts when I'm old and crusty, and you should be so lucky as to do the same someday. Don't wait for the VH1 special.


Baboon performs at The Wreck Room on January 30.

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