Because Nothing Is Scarier Than A Collection Of Old Eight-Track Tapes...

Listen: We know this is a busy weekend. Lots to do--and only so much candy to consume in order to sugar-rush yourself through it all. 

But this still deserves your attention: At 7 p.m. tonight at the Barry Whistler Gallery (located at 2909-B Canton Street in Deep Ellum), long-time local music icon Bucks Burnett will host the opening of a new exhibit called, simply enough, Eight Track Tapes: The Bucks Burnett Collection. And included in the exhibit, which is being promoted as the first-ever such display? That should be quite obvious, given the title: Over 20 years worth of Burnett's personal collection of eight-track tapes--including rare finds like Rutles, Beatles, Elvis Presley and led Zeppelin box sets. The event will also be filmed as part of a 17-years-in-the-making documentary Burnett is creating called, quite hilariously, Spinal Tape.

But most interesting? The fact that this is just the start of Burnett's eight-track crusade. In 2010, Burnett plans on opening an entire museum dedicated to the cause of keeping alive the memory of this passed-over means of music listening. That's good news--especially since this particular  exhibit, which launched last night, is scheduled to close rather quickly. As in, tomorrow night.


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