Still hanging on to PlayRadioPlay!...
Still hanging on to PlayRadioPlay!...
Kolby Schnelli

Before He Becomes Analog Rebellion, One Last Cry From Daniel Hunter's PlayRadioPlay!...

Seems Aledo's own Daniel Hunter just can't let go of his PlayRadioPlay! moniker--or maybe it's that his fans won't let him?

Either way, last week, via a blog post to his MySpace page, Hunter announced that in January, alongside with the release of his debut album (Ancient Electrons) under his new Analog Rebellion moniker, he will also release a two-disc, 40-track album of PlayRadioPlay! b-sides and rarities, called, quite fittingly, Besides, Nothing (B-Sides and Rarities, 2003-2009).

Yes, 40 songs--some of which will appear twice in both original and later, re-done versions. At the very least, the disc should provide an interesting insight into the growth of an artist appearing to be hitting his stride.

Check the track listing here.


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