Beginning Thursday, Gutterth Offers Compilation Two Free

Beginning Thursday, Gutterth Offers Compilation Two Free

As if making year-end lists wasn't hard enough already, Thursday will herald the release of the second Gutterth Productions compilation, featuring 34 tracks from 34 Gutterth-affiliated acts. It's an excellent showcase of the quality music the Denton label and promotion company champions.

But Compilation Two is also, with the partial exception of Philadelphia's Power Animal (which does have a local connection, having recorded with Sleep Whale), an excellent reminder of just how musically diverse the area--Denton in particular--is. There's everything from folk (Dust Congress, Doug Burr, Sabra Laval) to plodding and droning (Shiny Around The Edges, The Angelus, True Widow) to straightforward guitar rock (Record Hop, The House Harkonnen) and more.

Best of all, it's available free, either as a download or in CD form at Gutterth shows.

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