Behind the Music Awards

Recently, the Dallas Observer has obtained riders for awards show performers Burden Brothers, Radiant*, Tahiti, Dallas Observer supergroup and Zayra Alvarez.

Burden Brothers

4 -- cases Miller Lite

3 -- bottles Jägermeister

Upcoming Events

1 -- beer bong

1 -- quarter (preferably "Vermont")

1 -- designated driver

4 -- bottles Wet 'n' Wild black nail polish

1 -- jar sweet pickle relish

20 -- lacy bras provided for female audience members (PLEASE: Distribute at opening of "Beautiful Night.")

6 -- plates of Wing Street hot wings (turbo-spicy)

1 -- shirt for Todd Lewis



1 -- pointless asterisk

3 -- jars Bedhead Boy Toys hair gel

33 -- hallelujahs

4 -- subway tokens

4 -- six-packs of Zima, hidden inside Budweiser containers

1 -- jar sweet pickle relish

1 -- major-label contract

Zayra Alvarez

veintiuno -- botellas de agua

dos -- 12-pack de la Corona

uno -- tarro fresco del salsa del condimento

dulce de la salmuera

uno -- llave a éstos manillas

algunos lazos de los hombres

POR FAVOR: Entiéndeme!


1 -- room for posse

2 -- rooms for posse's posse

3 -- rooms for groupies of posse's posse

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT mention anything if said posses do not show.

1 -- VHS tape of Swordfish, fast-forwarded to Halle Berry nude scene

1 -- jar sweet pickle relish

1 -- large towel

1 -- Young MC cassette tape

4 -- fresh floral arrangements (PLEASE NOTE: Bougainvillea is lovely this time of year. )

Dallas Observer supergroup

(Carter Albrecht of Sorta, Daniel Hopkins of Radiant*, Cory Watson of Black Tie Dynasty, Chris Holt, Sara Radle, Ward Richmond of Slick 57)

1 -- open bar

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