Birdmonster, Division Day

San Francisco's Birdmonster dabbles in a brand of guitar rock that owes as much to the dirty-denim styles of Tom Petty and Bryan Adams as it does to surly Brits such as Joy Division and the Buzzcocks. Relentless, driving guitars hurl headlong over precision percussion and curling bass runs. Singer Peter Arcuni's caterwauling may at times recall the vocal strains of late '90s radio rockers such as Candelbox, but it still manages to retain a level of genuine sincerity. Ferocious live performances and their solid debut album No Midnight have helped generate a plausible word-of-mouth that doesn't reek of hype and hearsay. Hear for yourself when Birdmonster swoops into town with like-minded Cali brethren Division Day in tow. The show's being presented by local blogosphere tastemaker Gorilla vs. Bear, so you know it's bleeding edge, nerds.

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