Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Calling this booking a "coup" is like calling King Kong just another monkey.

How about "complete and utter shocker"? That's closer: Club Dada'd be hard-pressed to hold more than 450 people in its space, and last time Black Rebel Motorcycle Club played Dallas—as part of a Jack Daniel's promotion—they nearly filled the 1,100-person Granada Theater.

So how'd this happen? Or, better yet, how will it work? Sometimes, it's best not to question these things. At the very least, Deep Ellum will be something of a scene on this night, as people pour in to catch the wide-appealing, heavily blues- and psychedelic-influenced rockers in BRMC trying their best to quiet down their set and package it as an acoustic one, as they take a break from their national tour as the support for the reunited Stone Temple Pilots.


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Friday, August 1, Club Dada

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