Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Show Quickly Rescheduled For October Date at Trees

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
We've been doing a lot of talking

about that pesky

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

show that was originally scheduled at

Lizard Lounge

next week and

then got postponed


Upcoming Events

BRMC was on tour with Stone Temple Pilots, and, since Scott Weiland and Co. decided to re-route the thing, suddenly BRMC was unable to make their originally scheduled show in Dallas.

Yeah, yeah, they promised to reschedule the show--but you know how that goes. It can take months. Sometimes years.

Not this time, fortunately enough: The California blues-rock-by-way-of-Jesus-and-Mary-Chain three-piece made good on their word quite quickly, and have already rescheduled their show in Dallas.

Just a few minutes ago, Trees owner Clint Barlow confirmed that the show has been rescheduled to take place at Trees on Sunday, October 24.

So mark your calendars--it's probably OK to use a pen this time.

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