Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Show Quickly Rescheduled For October Date at Trees

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

We've been doing a lot of talking about that pesky Black Rebel Motorcycle Club show that was originally scheduled at Lizard Lounge next week and then got postponed .

BRMC was on tour with Stone Temple Pilots, and, since Scott Weiland and Co. decided to re-route the thing, suddenly BRMC was unable to make their originally scheduled show in Dallas.

Yeah, yeah, they promised to reschedule the show--but you know how that goes. It can take months. Sometimes years.

Not this time, fortunately enough: The California blues-rock-by-way-of-Jesus-and-Mary-Chain three-piece made good on their word quite quickly, and have already rescheduled their show in Dallas.

Just a few minutes ago, Trees owner Clint Barlow confirmed that the show has been rescheduled to take place at Trees on Sunday, October 24.

So mark your calendars--it's probably OK to use a pen this time.

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