Blackheart Society, The Shim Shams, Voot Cha Index, B Minor Harmonic

Don't dillydally on the way to Dada, because Voot Cha Index's early set will be the highlight of the night. Singer Neil Sanzgiri has some grating vocal quirks--his voice couldn't have dropped more than a few months ago--but with such pretty melodies and creative arrangements of piano, accordion, banjo and power-pop guitars, that's easily forgiven. The Plano pop quintet's songs about penguins and shouts of "Let's go!" might be annoying if they weren't so earnest and enthusiastic. Goofy drumbeats, bluesy lead-guitar parts and stream-of-consciousness lyrics show their appreciation for psychedelic rock made decades before these teens were born but don't come off as derivative or lazy. Fellow '60s revivalists Blackheart Society might be worth sticking around for, though their effects-laden guitars soloing endlessly over variations on a riff can be hypnotic or dull, depending on your mindset. Hopefully the Dallas trio will be in top form to promote its recent debut EP Believe.


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