We may be stuck in a hopelessly mundane future—no jetpacks, no laser guns and no sex robots, in neither a post-apocalyptic wasteland dystopia nor a beautiful utopia—but Kliks & Politiks sounds like the future as promised by sci-fi movies. Over stuttering, thumping beats and throbbing bass float ray-gun zaps, ethereal orchestral synthesized sounds and itchy distorted computer noise, melding into the soundtrack of an imaginary taut, paranoid thriller. Mostly instrumental save a few treated vocal samples, the album takes a welcome left turn into droning rock on "Lion Eyes," with Emil Rapstine of Denton doom-folk outfit The Angelus providing incantatory vocals that sound like Paul Banks doing an impression of a Benedictine monk.

Blixaboy is the nom de dubstep of Wanz Dover, who has been exploring various forms of trance-inducing music since his days in the legendary Denton space-rock outfit Mazinga Phaser and his more recent founding of Laptop Deathmatch, a series of events pitting competitors in spontaneous electronic-music composition. Not content to master any one form of music, Blixaboy seems to be the culmination of Dover's explorations, a collage of krautrock, shoegaze and techno influences loosely framed by the jittery beats and warped textures of his current fascination, dubstep. The epic string-enhanced symphonic closer may be titled "I Will End You," but Blixaboy can't get rid of us that easily—we can and will hit the repeat button on this one.

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