Bob Schneider

Insanely intelligent, talented and good-looking (he used to bang Sandra Bullock), the 44-year-old Bob Schneider can and does play virtually every style of music.

Really: If you put Mick Jagger, Alan Jackson, Woody Guthrie, Ozzy Osbourne and Kanye West's names into a hat and asked Schneider to choose one and attempt to one-up the man he's mimicking onstage, he'd do it with ease like the karaoke singer who does a better Cher than Cher can. In short, Schneider's too versatile for his own good; never mind song-by-song differentiation, Schneider can deliver shows of entirely different genres on back-to-back nights if the mood strikes him.

Who reaps the benefits of such creative polyamory? Not Bob's bank account or his Dallas-based label, Kirtland Records. But definitely your ears. He tours incessantly and mostly lands at intimate venues, a rock star who's never gotten to headline arenas. We're pretty sure he planned it that way.


Bob Schneider

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