Bonus MP3: A.Dd+ -- "Greedy"

Bonus MP3: A.Dd+ -- "Greedy"

At this point, much-buzzing (at least locally) hip-hop duo A.Dd+ has leaked about a third of their much-anticipated, still-two-weeks-off, debut full-length, When Pigs Fly: "Howdy Do," "Likeamug," and "Slow Tempo" were released as early teases by the band in the months and weeks leading up to this point, and, this week, the band's released yet another song, called "Greedy" as a free download.

In the DC9 print edition due out March 24, the day before the duo's official album release show at The Loft, we'll have a review of the album in full.

In the meantime, give "Greedy" -- the most jazzy and breezy track on the disc, for sure -- a listen and download after the jump.

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