Bonus MP3: Datahowler -- "Ice Cream Paint Job (Dorrough vs. Bassnectar)"


Speaking of mash-ups, it seems Datahowler (formerly Objektiv One), though now a chillwave artist, hasn't given up on the mash-up front where he originally made his name and caught our attention. Earlier this month, the man born Ross Edman debuted two new mash-ups (one pitting Kanye West against Stars; another pitting Ke$ha against Groovejet). And, earlier this week, he passed one our way, asking us to debut it.

Seems Edman knows what he's doing: The song he passed along centers around a long-standing DC9 favorite: "Ice Cream Paint Job" from Dallas' own Dorrough. For this song, knob-twiddlers in Bassnectar. And the results from this, the third in a series of eight mash-ups Datahowler will be releasing this month? Pretty damn impressive, as usual. Check it out--and give it a free download--after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Datahowler -- "Ice Cream Paint Job (Dorrough vs. Bassnectar)"

Kind of an Ice Cream Dub Job, no? Well, I like it. A lot.

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