Bonus MP3: Delmore Pilcrow -- "Unsigned Letter"

Delmore Pilcrow's Chris Garver
Delmore Pilcrow's Chris Garver

Earlier this month, in a review of Delmore Pilcrow's sophomore release, Keep An Eye, Kelly Dearmore got to the heart of the band's sound right at the start of his take:

If The Strokes are considered a garage-rock band, and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears are regularly labeled as a garage-soul collective, then Denton's Delmore Pilcrow must be garage-twang. Continue reading...

And, continued Dearmore, garage-twang is quite the treat, turns out, the kind of stuff that "will appeal to all types of wearers of tight-fitting jeans--whether they be Wranglers or they of the skinny variety."

Now you can judge for yourself, since the band's been kind enough to pass along a free song for DC9 readers to listen to and download. So, after the jump, give "Unsigned Letter" a listen.

It's the second song the band's offered up as a free mp3 from the disc; the title track to Keep an Eye , as well as the title track from 2008's Worn to the Weft , are both currently available for free download on the band's web site .

Anyway, check it out.

Bonus mp3:

Delmore Pilcrow -- "Unsigned Letter"

I'll second Dearmore on this one: Garver's vocals "aren't likely going to win him a scholarship to the Julliard School," but I'll be damned if they're not compelling as hell.

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