Bonus MP3: Dustin Cavazos -- "Fresh"

We've been championing

Dustin Cavazos

' thoughtful rhymes and creative beats since first stumbling on his work back when his hip-hop-meets-hardcore

Scuba Team Go


was making the rounds around the local club circuit


And while that band's backed off from regular gigs around town (but is hardly defunct; Cavazos promises more gigs from the duo come late summer), Cavazos has been hard at work on his solo project, which finds him revelling in a more straight-up hip-hop realm--and quite successfully.

In next week's print edition, we'll have more on Cavazos and his new disc, the quite-enjoyable I Think In My Shower, I Dream On My Bike, a disc filled with innovative self-production from the Oak Cliff-based rapper. Tomorrow night, though, at a free show taking place at Maximedia Studios and also featuring DC9 favorite (and Cavazos' fellow DOMAXXII Best Rap/Hip-Hop Act nominee) galleryCat, Cavazos will release the disc. Won't just be any performance, though: For various songs throughout his set, Cavazos will be backed by not only his live backing band, but also an eight-piece string orchestra and a 30-piece childrens choir. Should be quite the spectacle, for sure--and did we mention that it's free to attend?

Speaking of free, after the jump, check out favorite cut from Cavazos' full-length debut, a song called "Fresh," which samples' the Chi-Lites and capably showcases the young rapper/producer's talents. Cavazos has been kind enough to offer it up as a free, exclusive download for DC9 readers. So check it out. And enjoy.

Bonus mp3:

Dustin Cavazos -- "Fresh"

Try getting this sucker out of your head. You'll fail.


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