Bonus MP3: Grassfight -- "Rhodendron"

Grassfight. Not fighting grass, oddly enough. (Justin Tennison)

Bonus MP3: Grassfight -- "Rhodendron"

Dave Sims, scribe of our weekly Denton-focused column "North of the Dial," checks in with promising Denton-bred four-piece Grassfight in this week's installment, discussing both Radiohead and the insularity of the Denton scene with vocalist Nathan Forester. Unfortunately, the band's not on the books to play anywhere around the region any time soon--or, rather, not until July 10 when Grassfight takes to the Lola's Saloon stage in Fort Worth. So, in case you were curious...

Bonus mp3:

Grassfight -- "Rhodendron"

As Dave astutely points out, you can certainly hear the Radiohead influence within opening reverb and chord progression. And, yep, that's Ian Curtis and Morrissey checking in on the vocal influence front. --Pete Freedman


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