Bonus MP3: Lisa Mickelsen -- "Uncle Roy"

Dallas singer/songwriter Lisa Mickelsen's playing the Tipperary Inn tomorrow night, cramming another live set into her fairly busy daily schedule, which consists of homeschooling her daughters and volunteering at the Unitarian Church. And, actually, that's a pretty odd chore list, considering that Mickelsen writes dark and intriguing blues/folk numbers--stuff that's kinda reminiscent Kristy Kruger’s best.

But Mickelsen somehow manages to find the time to perform at various coffee houses around town despite her daily grind. She has also already recorded a handful of tracks for an EP slated for release in the fall.

While her vocals are a bit wispy for my tastes, Mickelsen does show a fine narrative style and songs such as “Uncle Roy” and “Ghost Train” conjure up all sorts of malevolent images.

Bonus mp3:

Lisa Mickelsen -- "Uncle Roy"

It's always seems that these sweet-faced gals have a lot of repressed emotions, huh? Thankfully, Mickelsen channels her darker side into some fine music. --Darryl Smyers


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