Bonus MP3: Nicholas Altobelli -- "Wooden Floors"

Nicholas Altobelli
Nicholas Altobelli
Alisha Hurt

In this week's paper, Kelly Dearmore holds Nicholas Altobelli's latest, The Regulator, up to the light for a closer look and comes out finding the disc "rather agreeable" and a fine step along the artists "continued development."

It's a fair take on the disc, actually. Accurate, too. I'd agree, at least--especially about the fact that, as Dearmore writes, there are many times in which Altobelli he seems to outthink himself and allows his vast ideas to become too cumbersome.

But here's the thing: Dude's swinging for the fences every time. And sometimes he does just that. Case in point: "Wooden Floors," the lead track off his new album. It's a great, restrained, delicately and tastefully garnished folker well worth the listen.

Even better: Altobelli's been nice enough to let DC9 readers listen and download to the song for all of free dollars. Grab it right after the jump.

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Bonus mp3: Nicholas Altobelli -- "Wooden Floors"

And Dearmore's right, too: That opening line--"Rain cuts like glass, wind moves souls"--is a winner. Whole song is, really. Kinda justifies the whole swing-for-the-fences mentality, far as I'm concerned.

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