Bonus MP3: Record Hop -- "Maths"

...and Nevada Hill's cover art is dope, too.
...and Nevada Hill's cover art is dope, too.
...and Nevada Hill's cover art is dope, too.

You'll notice a very distinct Denton flavor in the front of the music section of this week's Observer. That was intentional.

But giving Denton-based rock quartet Record Hop's new self-titled disc a stellar review during that same week? That was purely a coincidence. It's just that it is a really good disc--hell, I already went on record saying it might be the local must-have record of the year.

Download the track below and see for yourself. Record Hop -- "Maths"

Here's my take on the song: Tony Wann's drumming is stellar, and especially so during the chorus; Corey Ward's bass line is a nice match for the drums in setting a frantic pace; Scott Porter's undulating lead guitar work is fierce, keeping the whole song on edge; and lastly...Ashley Cromeens really has some voice on her, doesn't she? Say what you want about this disc's production--but Steve Albini, who produced the disc, can't just magically create a voice like hers, the perfect match for Record Hop's sound. -- Pete Freedman

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