Bonus MP3: Robert Gomez -- "On This Day"

Sneak a peak/listen to Robert Gomez's new record.
Sneak a peak/listen to Robert Gomez's new record.
Pierre-Emmanuel Bignon
Two weeks from tomorrow, Robert Gomez will release Pine Sticks and Phosphorus on his own Nova Posta Vinyl label. You can stream a few of the songs from the upcoming disc on Robert's label. But perhaps you'd like one for the road, maybe to put onto your iPod? Sure thing...

Bonus mp3: Robert Gomez -- "On This Day"

Stylistically, at least on this song, it doesn't appear all that different from past efforts from the Denton-based singer-songwriter. But as the above song shows, I think, that's not a bad thing at all.

Keep an eye out for a review of the disc in the dead tree version of DC9 in the coming weeks.

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