Bonus MP3: Ronnie Fauss -- "Night Before The War"

Seems you can't swing a dead cat around the Metroplex without hitting at least one country band in one of the genre's many forms. And with the talent-rich pool we have to draw from in the area, sometimes, even the most talented can get lost in the mix.

Which is why we want to point you in the direction of Ronnie Fauss. Fauss quietly released two EPs last year, New Songs From The Old Frontier, Vol. 1 and I Can't Make You Happy, each of which served up a mixture of twangy singer-songwriter, honky-tonk and classic country sounds. Upon first listen, you'll notice that his whiskey-soaked voice and heartfelt lyrics showcase a talented singer-songwriter with a penchant for writing memorable songs.

After the jump, a stream and download link for "Night Before The War" from New Songs From The Old Frontier, Vol. 1.

Bonus mp3:

Ronnie Fauss -- "Night Before The War"

Can catch Fauss on


Sunday night when he performs at the Barley House.

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