Bonus MP3: Shock of Pleasure -- "Not My Angel (Left/Right vs DJ Merritt Remix)"

Shock of Pleasure
Shock of Pleasure
We've mentioned the trip-hoppin', Portishead-soundin' locals in Shock of Pleasure a few times on here over the past year or so. And though the band continues to leave us scratching our heads by booking gigs to play places like the Mansion on Turtle Creek and the Shops at Legacy in Plano, we're still willing to give the band the benefit of the doubt at this point--partially because we really dig this new-ish remix collaboration from local beatmakers Left/Right and DJ Merritt, who've taken the band's more toned-down "Not My Angel" and injected it with a shot of dancehall adrenaline. Check it, after the jump...

Bonus mp3:

Shock of Pleasure -- "Not My Angel (Left/Right vs DJ Merritt Remix)"

Would love to see more local-on-local remixing like this happening 'round these parts... especially when they're actually pretty interesting.

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