Bonus MP3: Smile Smile -- "Sad Song"

Bonus MP3: Smile Smile -- "Sad Song"

You may have already heard that local folk/pop duo Smile Smile was signed to local label Kirtland Records earlier this week. Not a huge shocker--Smile Smile's a talented act. See for yourselves on that front, though; Kirtland's hooking DC9 readers up with a free download of "Sad Song" (from of the band's soon-to-be re-released Blue Roses album):

Smile Smile -- "Sad Song"

A great track, for sure (although the sampled voice-over at the end is a little out-there -- not enough to take away from the track's merit, though). It's the kind of song that makes starting a band altogether worthwhile -- or at least that's how Tami Thomsen of Kirtland pitched it to me a few weeks back when we met up to talk local music. At that point, the band was still unsigned, and Kirtland was looking to sign the duo to its management company. A few weeks later, with the band now signed to the label, Thomsen must still be smitten. Tough to argue with her on this one, though. -- Pete Freedman

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