Bonus MP3: Spector 45 -- "I Love You"

Bonus MP3: Spector 45 -- "I Love You"
Evil M
After first performing its new song, "I Love You", two Thursday nights ago to a warm reception at a Club Dada performance, area greaser punk act Spector 45 headed into January Sound Studio early last week to pop off a quick recording of the track so that it could be released as a valentine's Day single. Adorable, ain't it?

Very much so, actually, frontman Frankie Campagna warns: "It's poppier than anything we've ever done before."

Check it out... and download it, too, if ya want.

Bonus mp3:

Spector 45 -- "I Love You"

Not the best vocals I've ever heard--sorry, Frankie, but sentiment's not exactly your thing--but not a bad track overall. And, hey, it's free.

For added enjoyment, take a shot every time Frankie says the word "fuck".

Actually, don't. I don't wanna get sued.

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