Bonus MP3: The Cut*Off -- "Luggage For Light Years"

Bonus MP3: The Cut*Off -- "Luggage For Light Years"

Earlier in the week, Darryl Smyers passed along some of The Cut*Off's stories from the road. Then, in this week's paper, Darryl gave the band's new disc, Packaged Up for Beginners, a positive review.

So you could say it's been something of a Cut*Off week around here. Well, this should make it official: The guys in the band gave us the green light to post a track from the new disc onto this blog, for you to download. Here it is:

The Cut*Off -- "Luggage For Light Years"

Yeah, you can definitely hear the Pixies influence on this track. And, for those of you scoring at home, that's a good thing. --Pete Freedman

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