Bonus MP3: The Lash Outs -- "Contemporary Music"

Bonus MP3: The Lash Outs -- "Contemporary Music"

DOMA-nominated punk-rockers The Lash Outs, the guys who griped that "The Kids Don't Wanna Dance," continue their role as cultural commentators on this new track, "Contemporary Music."

It's one of two new tracks just posted to the band's MySpace page, and will be included on the band's upcoming album. They'll return to Tulsa in January to finish mixing and recording with Stephen Egerton of The Descendants and All, and will likely release it in Spring 2010.

You'll probably get to hear a few of the new tracks tomorrow night, when the band plays with The Uptown Bums and The Broadsiders opening for Youth Brigade at The Lounge on Elm Street.

"The new songs are a bit poppier than the stuff on our last disc," Joey Holbrook writes in an e-mail. "Think Paul Collins' Beat meets the Dickies."

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Bonus MP3:

The Lash Outs -- "Contemporary Music"

Check out the other new track, "Life In Bed," on the band's MySpace page. So far, the new album promises to be even better than the last--and that's saying something.

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