Bonus MP3: Touch Tongues -- "Murder"

Bonus MP3: Touch Tongues -- "Murder"

This week, Touch Tongues (the area band formerly known as Street Hassle) uploaded a handful of new songs to its MySpace page. And, by new songs, I mean like recorded-this-Sunday new. Over the weekend, the band got an eight-track, crammed themselves into a mini-storage shed and started laying down the new tracks.

"So, instead, of a garage band we're a mini-storage band," Pierre Krause says this afternoon by phone, before passing us a freshly minted mp3 for your listening and downloading pleasure.

The song's a killer, which is appropriate, seeing as the song's called "Murder" and all. Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Touch Tongues -- "Murder"

It's dark, dense and a damn good listen. Touch Tongues has some other killer new tracks streaming on the band's MySpace.


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