Boris, Torche, Clouds

Rubber Gloves' Josh Baish has a lot invested in this show—'bout an earful, to be exact.

It's an almost surreal story: Baish heads to a Boris show, gets into a tussle and, subsequently, has his ear bitten off. Later in the night, Boris' band members find his ear amongst their gear at the end of their set. And, well, they go ahead and write a song about it. Then—wait, this is the best part—they name the song "Flesheater."

Now Baish gets to play host to the band that gave him the story, bringing Boris, a somewhat legendary experimental drone metal act in its own right, to RGRS' stage. Don't expect an episode of Storytellers, but don't exactly be surprised if the crowd spends a large chunk (pun definitely intended) of the show re-telling Baish's tale. And don't be surprised to find Baish beaming ear-to-partial-ear over the course of the night as Boris, currently touring in support of its newest disc, Smile, lulls the indie-tested Denton crowd over to a slightly darker side. Winning over this crowd's ears will almost certainly be less graphic than snagging Baish's—but don't be surprised if some faces melt off in the process. Promising Miami- and Atlanta-based hard rock act Torche opens.


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