Bret Michaels, Fuel, Cowboy Mouth, North of Autumn

Bret Michaels has had a giant year, participating in one reality show—or, well, a few reality shows—dedicated to his finding love and another centered around his trying to land a job. If the Poison frontman wasn't a household name before, he sure is now: Nearing the close of his participation and eventual win of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, his serious health problems just about tripled his appearance in the media as fans eagerly awaited updates.

Talk about a fantastic time to release a new album. His new solo record, Custom Built, dropped July 6, serves as proof that throughout the years and despite changes in fame and fortune, Michaels has remarkably and commendably stayed unapologetically Bret Michaels. And people still seem to dig it. The album includes collaborations with Miley Cyrus and Three Doors Down's Brad Arnold, plus a club mix of "Go That Far" (Michaels' Rock of Love theme song) from Godhead's Jason Miller. Along The disc also finds Michaels covering Sublime's "What I Got," as well as, well, himself: Custom Built features Michaels giving "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" a country re-do.


Bret Michaels, Fuel, Cowboy Mouth, North of Autumn

The album might be a bit of a headscratcher, sure. But going on a tour—even if it's just a little one—while freshly out of the hospital and while still suffering from lingering severe health complications? That's worthy of applause. Say what you will about the guy, but his work ethic and dedication to music—as well as his philanthropic work—is impressive.

Filling out the bill on this night, which will serve as part of KJKK-100.3 Jack FM's Bandanaroo, is Fuel, Cowboy Mouth and North of Autumn.


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