Bridges and Blinking Lights, Colour Revolt, Handbrake

Bridges and Blinking Lights straddle that line that divides the area's roots- and Americana-influenced rockers from the pearl-snap crowd. They're definitely not country, but you ain't gonna mistake these guys for Brooklynites. What set them apart from every other boring North Texas country-influenced rock act are Jake Wilganowski's beautifully clear, high voice and their unabashedly melodic guitar parts. They also know that changing tempos every now and then goes a long way toward keeping the listener from getting bored, an insight few of their rootsy ilk share. Songs from their new album, Standing on the Same Stick (which you can sample at their Web site), vary from twangy shuffles such as "The Bear" and "Long Paws" to soaring rave-ups like "The Long Walk" to the plodding, piano-and-horn-enhanced "One of Us."

Mississippi's Colour Revolt, a like-minded indie-pop act, are back in the area after opening for Dinosaur Jr. in Dallas last weekend.


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