Bright Light Social Hour

Bright Light Social Hour drink up.

We know what you're thinking: "Hey, all four members of Bright Light Social Hour have the same length hair — they're a jam band! Hey, it's 2012 now, OK? Stop being so judgmental. The Austin four-piece is burning through the indie-buzz stratosphere these days, so they're obviously doing something right — namely playing catchy music that seamlessly incorporates blues, pop and funk in a way that transcends those three genres being thrown together in a sentence. Their 2010 self-titled debut made the transition to live setting, which is where the group really shines. Plus, how many jam bands do you know that utilize keytars? (2012 prediction: Keytars will be the new saxophones.) Get there early to see fellow Austinites Freshmillions zap some songs from last year's self-titled, and thrill to the sound of a new generation's take on electro-funk, complete with some sweet Vocoder action.

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