Buscar Bronca

Looking back at the musical career of Aryn Dalton, you'd assume his latest project would either ring bombastic and sordid (a la his many years drumming for indie darlings The Paper Chase) or full-on country (based on his work in Evan Birdsong's Blackbird Harmony). But Buscar Bronca's inaugural release, Kings and Killers—which was written, performed (save some lead guitar by Birdsong) and produced solely by Dalton in his Lancaster home—is more an experiment in sun-drenched Southern rock seasoned with haunting blues ("Stare at the Sun"), rhythmic philosophies ("Death of Everything") and relaxed indie ("The Battle Old").

Style-wise, the album isn't the most consistent from song to song, but that's part of what makes Kings and Killers something you want to keep hearing. Plus, in the days when we've gotten so used to digitally corrected vocals, Dalton's singing is sometimes mumbled and not always pitch-perfect—basically, a totally honest breath of fresh air. It's comforting and disarming at the same time and even seductive on the post-punky "Don't Be Afraid." From someone who has performed as part of two phenomenal bands at opposite ends of the musical spectrum, it should be no surprise that Dalton presents his own diverse project with such clarity and interest. No surprise, but damn exciting.


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