Erykah Badu wipes some sweat off her brow--selling 
    stuff on eBay is tough work, after all.
Erykah Badu wipes some sweat off her brow--selling stuff on eBay is tough work, after all.

By the eBay

Talk about jumping the holiday gun--on Thanksgiving Day, Drams lead singer Brent Best was already impersonating Santa. The Dentonite had hitched his horse up to eBay (username: brentbest) to sell a few gems from now-defunct country-rock legends Slobberbone; highlights included a 1979 Guild S-300D electric guitar used on Barrel Chested and a rare copy of debut album Crow Pot Pie from its original 1994 pressing. Granted, it wasn't a perfect take on Santa--I don't recall ol' Kringle ever netting $1,382.99 from an eBay guitar auction--but at the least, fans got their shot at legit band memorabilia in time for the holidays.

It got us wondering: What if other local musicians reached out to their fans through eBay? We went on the site, typed in keywords like "Dallas," "music" and "Tuaca," and sure enough, we found a few other local music figures taking Best's cue. Reprinted here are the most interesting auctions that might stuff your stocking. Username: Badu-4-u

For sale: "Limited edition Erykah Badu tour T-shirt from her March 2005 performance at Dallas' Black Forest Theater (Letters, March 31). On the front is an illustration of Badu's face, and on the back is the slogan 'Fuck white people' in all-caps. You didn't attend and experience the racial tension in person? Then at the very least, you can wear it! Choose 'BuyItNow' and receive a free Black Panthers head wrap."



Username: We_3_The_Spree

For sale: "A special three-month 'visit' from twenty (20) band members. Tim DeLaughter is reducing the Polyphonic Spree to a jam trio for a special 2006 tour, leaving the choir and most of the musicians without any place to spread cheer or drink Tecate for a while. Winner must provide daily robe-cleaning service and bleachers for choir to stand on at all times. Must love David Bowie."

Username: Bird-N-Bros

For sale: "Mint-condition copy of the Toadies' Rubberneck signed by Vaden Todd Lewis. Includes mid-'90s hits 'Tyler' and 'Possum Kingdom.' We no longer need this album, as Tod--er, I mean Vaden--no longer wants to be reminded of the days when he wrote good songs."

Username: DART-Rail-Xpanshun

For sale: "One (1) authentic brick from the Deep Ellum tunnel. If you think we're taking a big, steaming dump on Dallas by paving over the historic tunnel, think again, because we're selling its bricks to keep the memories alive! Spray-paint a tiny graffiti 'tag' over the brick, honk at it while driving really fast or pretend the brick still leads to a haven for Dallas' arts--the possibilities are endless! Brick will not ship for three (3) years or until Light Rail construction actually completes, whichever comes last."


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