Cat Power: Gone bad and blonde.
Cat Power: Gone bad and blonde.
Stefano Giovannini

Cat Power

Some called Cat Power's return to the scene in 2012 a comeback. And it made some sense: As some fans grew tired of the public meltdowns and inconsistent live performances, there was a collective agreement that the larger Chan Marshall narrative was a tale of a tormented, if talented songwriter. Still, like her "complicated" sisters in music, there was never the sense that her fans were any less loyal because she was willing to so publicly deal with her demons, in the music and on the stage.

If we set her 2008 album of covers aside, it has been more than five years since any new material had been set to sea, and Marshall's August release Sun was like that old friend with whom you can always start where you left off, no matter how much time has passed. She was working in a more traditional pop medium, but even synths and Auto-Tune cannot blur what makes Cat Power singular. Through a new lens we find our old friend sharing deeply personal tales with a newfound confidence. If this is any indication of the tour, her 2013 show may be your very favorite of the year. Good things, they say, are often worth the wait.


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