Centro-matic, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea

There aren't too many bands that can do what Centro-matic has done in the last 12 years. Where most successful bands ramp up and then burn out, Centro-matic has steadily flown under the radar of the mainstream for the duration of its career.

Will Johnson is the obvious driving force behind the band. Well, a couple bands, actually. The guy writes so many songs that he needs three different bands just to keep up: Centro-matic, South San Gabriel and a solo career under his own name keep him pretty busy. And when he gets bored with that, he goes on the road as the drummer for Monsters of Folk.

Some people call Will Johnson a genius, but his most ingenious move is surrounding himself with the musicians who make up Centro-matic. Matt Pence, the winner of multiple Dallas Observer Music Awards for Producer of the Year, is one of the most influential drummers in North Texas. Meanwhile, Scott Danbom is a multi-instrumentalist known as a go-to guy of sorts, having done stints in Slobberbone, Lift to Experience and just about everyone else's band in Denton. When Centro-matic plays together, the end result is explosive, exciting and—most importantly—it's fun.


Centro-matic, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea

Denton's Matthew And The Arrogant Sea opens the show.


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