Check Out The Trailer For This Upcoming Dallas Blues Documentary

Robert Wilonsky came across the above trailer this morning for the upcoming (although I don't know when it's due) documentary called Dallas Electric: The Texas Blues Story, a film currently being produced by The Still Kickin' Foundation.

Yes, that's famed area blues musician Hash Brown in the clip, but the film seemingly promises much, much more as it continues to prod along toward completion.

According to the description on Still Kickin's site, the film "details the history of the electric blues, and specifically the impact of Dallas and North Texas on the development of this truly American art form...The impact of Dallas and North Texas musicians on blues is every bit as significant as the story of Chicago blues, and yet this history is largely untold."

Well, consider our eyebrows raised. We'll definitely be keeping an eye out for this one. --Pete Freedman


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