Chicks With Attitude

Liz Phair

After you get a load of the Dicks With Attitude Tour--or Ozzfest, as it's also known--head to the Gypsy Tea Room on Wednesday night for a counteracting dose of these ladies' respective mojos. Liz Phair didn't quite muster the high-gloss sheen of her self-titled disc on tour earlier this year, but the songs are hers to flub. The Cardigans are back after an extended hiatus with their loveliest record yet, Long Gone Before Daylight; onstage a few months ago in New York they replaced cocktail-pop fizz with warm bearskin tunefulness. Katy Rose plays what Evan Rachel Wood's character in last year's Thirteen would, while Charlotte Martin sounds like an anti-depressive Fiona Apple on her new On Your Shore.

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