Chingo Bling

Chingo Bling, also known as "The Versace Mariachi" or "El Real Tex Mex," is one of Houston's most prominent representatives of the Southern Latino hip-hop community, a character that's about as down-South Tex-Mex as taco trucks and cowboy hats. And he seamlessly stitches the two into his rap repartee.

Chingo, who is never seen without his signature black cowboy hat and boots, has turned 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" into the post-club destination "Taco Shop," and done an immigration-reform remix of Chamillionaire's "Ridin Dirty." He's been pushing his "They Can't Deport Us All" campaign since his 2007 album of the same title.

Upon its release, They Can't Deport Us All caused some controversy with the mainstream media, but Chingo has maintained his status through his characteristically comical and witty lyricism.


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