Chris Knight

After years of writing songs for the likes of John Anderson, Randy Travis and Confederate Railroad, Chris Knight is finally getting the accolades he so richly deserves.

Growing up in Kentucky, Knight lived in a trailer house and worked for a decade in the coal mines before venturing to Nashville looking for stardom. His 1998 self-titled debut drew immediate attention for Knight's unflinching portrayals of Americans living the hard life in the heartland. His most recent release, The Trailer Tapes, is actually a collection of songs made prior to his debut and contains such rough-and-tumble gems as "Backwater Blues," "Leaving Souvenirs" and "House and 90 Acres." Standing at the precipice of major stardom, Knight's insights into the rural experience can only help restore the battered reputation of contemporary country. Most often compared to John Prine and Steve Earle, Chris Knight might just be able to cross from roots to rock and back again and actually bring home the bacon, something that always escaped his two influences.

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