Cloud Nothings, Sealion, Soviet

Cleveland's Cloud Nothings is the solo project of one Dylan Baldi, who is 19 and dropped out of college to focus on writing scrambling, buzzing, lo-fi pop-punk tunes, many of which were composed and recorded in his parents' basement.

Baldi's full-length debut hyperactively clashes sugary melodies with blasting, spazzing guitars and vocals — kind of like a less-bratty Nathan Williams. His music is adolescent in a lovable, we've-all-been-there kind of way: On one song he petulantly repeats "I don't understand at all"; on another, caught in the gleeful grip of first love, he sings "We never go to bed/We just stay up and talk instead."

With tunes this promising, who needs textbooks and dorm rooms? Local punk-indebted outfits Sealion and Soviet open.


Cloud Nothings

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Canton Co-Op - Closed

2703 Canton St.
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