San Francisco's über-punk trio Coachwhips is no more, but it knew enough to cap its career with the proverbial bang. Coachwhips approaches rock 'n' roll without any false notions of "sophistication" or "professionalism." If you've ever liked the Cramps or the Fall but thought they were just too slick or their songs go on too long, well, this combo is for you. The Coachwhips rant, scream and snarl fervent, mostly unintelligible vocals through mangled sound systems. Bashing away at their instruments with the gleeful fury of Genghis Khan's conquering hordes and the primordial relentlessness of the Blob, the 'Whips enthusiastically distill garage rock to its most primal state. Double Death consists of one CD and one DVD, full of B-sides, rarities and performance footage. The high point of the CD is near its conclusion, when the Coachwhips simultaneously pulverize and reinvent songs of the Kinks, Velvet Underground, Sonics and Gories. Scary but invigorating.

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