Creeping Nobodies, Nouns Group, Blonde Girls

It's easy to brand the entirety of post punk as "played out." Yet, in its purest form, all it means is truly creative rock with a punkish disregard. This triple shot is as creatively punkish as it gets, headlined by Toronto's Creeping Nobodies, one of the more in-yer-face products in a seemingly endless line of Canadian delights. On works such as last year's Sound of Joy, produced by legendary Sonic Youth/Glenn Branca engineer Wharton Tiers, the Nobodies' hushed, atmospheric pop pieces are quickly unmasked by brash vocals stirring a cauldron of clustered riffs, robotic syncopation and spontaneous dissonance. Sharing the Nobodies' seditious reference points of the Fall, the Ex and the Birthday Party is Dallas' Nouns Group. This intriguing quartet is led by Christopher Mosley, late of the Early Lines, and features a violin mingling with the Dischord-ance. Local Fort Worth nihilists the Blonde Girls mangle their instruments and shout with little regard for anything but balls-out energy and destruction.

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